Exciting outdoor adventure with searching and also cost-free diving in Greece

bow hunt kri kri ibex

Hunting for Kri Kri ibex in Greece is a remarkable searching expedition and wonderful holiday done in one. Ibex searching is normally a severe experience, however not in this case! Dive to shipwrecks and also spearfishing in old Greece, or take pleasure in ibex searching in an unique locale are just a few of the important things you might do during a week lengthy ibex hunting expedition in Greece. Can you think of anything else?

hunting in greece

Greece is a fantastic country for tourist, supplying several possibilities for site visitors. There are several beautiful islands to visit, such as Sapientza, along with cultural experiences and also historic sites to delight in. Greece is also well known for its scrumptious food and also white wine. Whatever your interests might be, Greece has something to use you.


What to Expect on a Peloponnese Tour? When you book one of our hunting as well as touring Peloponnese Tours from Methoni, you can expect to be surprised by the all-natural elegance of the area. From the immaculate beaches to the mountains and forests, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the Peloponnese. In addition, you will have the opportunity to taste a few of the very best food that Greece needs to offer. Greek cuisine is renowned for being delicious and fresh, and also you will certainly not be let down. One of the very best parts concerning our excursions is that they are designed to be both enjoyable and also instructional. You will find out about Greek background and also culture while additionally getting to experience it firsthand. This is an incredible possibility to submerse yourself in everything that Greece has to offer.

Experience 'Real' Greece with Our Peloponnese Tours. Look no even more than our Peloponnese tours if you're looking for an authentic Greek experience. From old damages and also castles to delicious food as well as white wine, we'll show you every little thing that this impressive area has to offer. What are you waiting for? Book your trip today! Your Kri Kri ibex hunting in Greece is below!

Kri Kri ibex hunt in Greece - Hunting program Sapientza

On the initial day, we will come to Athens and transport you to your hotel, which is about 3.5 hours away. The boat ride to and from the island is included in the package price. The boat ride from Sapientza to and from the island takes between 30 minutes and up to one hour, depending on where the hunting takes place. Three hunting teams can hunt at the same time on Sapientza, and each team gets a hunting area based on a draw. If the weather is poor, the hunt is called off and rescheduled for the next day. Hunts can be organized on Sapienza between Monday and Thursday. If the Kri Kri hunt on the first day is successful, you will be able to hunt Mouflon and then we are going for a hybrid hunt. On the tenth day, we will drive you to the airport and depart from Athens.

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